Thursday, July 3, 2008

Major Rocket Launch

Not only was it a great day for a parade it was a great day for launching a rocket Around 75 people were near Baldwin today as Pat Riepl launched his 8 and a half foot rocket Pat Riepl Rocket Launcher It took quite a few months to build it actually and then I worked until 1 30 last night getting some of the electronics in it and then I finished those up this morning It took about four hours this morning The Rocket went so high that air traffic needed to be notified After the FAA cleared the launch the countdown began The rocket stayed in the air for about 15 seconds and flew about 800 feet After the parachute deployed the rocket landed about 50 yards from its launch site The rocket is signed by veterans from as far back as World War II Pat Riepl Rocket Launcher it s kind of interesting when the people come in they might be signing a loved ones name on there someone who actually died in one of the conflicts or they might just be signing their own name Riepl launched a similar rocket last year and plans to continue launching in the future

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